Lovely LUSH Make Up - They're more than just Skin and Hair Care gurus!

Here in an earlier post, I visited the new LUSH store and was able to pick up some lovely goodies.  LUSH were also super awesome and provided a few products to review.  I thought this would be a good chance to also crack out some of the LUSH make up products I already own to share their beauty.

Interestingly enough, some people have confessed to me that they didn't know LUSH had a Make-Up range.  That, on top of my blog being more Make-Up focused, was the reason why I went with these products, I hope this boosts interest because they have some very interesting products in this range.

One thing I love about LUSH's range is the cool names.  If you live near a LUSH store, they have a little game you can play to help choose your ideal lip and eye colours so I'd recommend popping by and asking them about this.  It draws on the names that they give these products such as Ambition, Focus and Success. When I played last, Confident was described as something I needed in life to help me achieve my goals.  I now keep a little bit of liquid Confidence with me on days where I need that boost.

Swatches from left to right:  Confident, Bubbly, Fantasy, Feeling Secure and Feeling Younger Skin Tint.  

Confident is quite thick and looks dark but spreads to be a lovely berry colour, a little goes a long way.  

Bubbly is a nice coraly pink and a bit sheerer than Confident.  

Fantasy is a lovely gold eyeliner/eyeshadow, this is about 2-3 coats as it begins sheer but is very buildable.  

Feeling Secure is a cool purple eyeliner, it's may be a bit difficult to try and use this as an eyeshadow due to its texture but it is also quite buildable.  

Lastly is the Feeling Younger Skin Tint is quite flexible, it could be used in certain spots as a nice subtle highlighter however I feel it works best when mixed in with a foundation as an all over illuminator.  It  has a very gorgeous warm pearly tone to it and is easily my favourite make up product by them so far.

Please excuse the glare from the bright sun, it was a beautiful day today but I couldn't escape the lovely sun!  Here's a look I've attempted with these products.  I mixed Feeling Younger in with my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation.  I used Fantasy as an all over shimmer for my eyelids and lined my eyes with Feeling Secure and some Bourjois Liquid Liner.

On my lips, I used a combo of Bubbly in the middle and Confident on the other edges to create a subtle ombre look.  It was a bit more noticeable in person however I like how it's shown up quite demurely in photos.

Wonky eyeliner haha but here you can see the Feeling Secure and Fantasy a bit better.  Feeling Secure is more of a cool purple whereas I usually prefer warmer purples.   Fantasy can also be used as a liner however it may take a couple of coats to be able to be noticeable enough as it's somewhat sheer.


  1. Weirdly enough I like the flare in the photos! Adds to the overall effect of everything being very glowy! Love the lip colour, the gradient is very subtle in the photos but the colours work really well together.

    1. It was a little corny but I'm kinda enjoying it. It happened last time I took photos in my garden so I'm starting to like it ;)

  2. I love the way you've used fantasy, the gold and the indigo colour look amazing together (on your amazing face) ♥

  3. Those eyeshadows (or liquid amazingness?) look SO gorgeous.
    Btw glad to find another Adl blogger hehe! OH and you love kpop?! I need to contain my excitement haha, followed you lovely!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Thank you Sheri :D Are you a part of the Adelaide Beauty Bloggers group? It's part of the reason I got into blogging because I love that there's a strong sense of community in our small city :D Kpop is the best! I will head on over to check your blog out now :D

    2. Yes I am part of the group! :)
      omg Chatime is my love!! <3 Thanks for following :D