Femme Fatale review, swatches + FOTD

Hehe, I know I know another review type post but I really wanted to do this one soon!  I recently made an order from Femme Fatale Cosmetics who are based in Australia.  I believe they may be more known for their unique nail polishes but I love their eyeshadows too, they have a large range of colours and are very affordable.

I've picked the following shades:
Princess Princess Princess - an apricot shade that is lighter and more subtle in person, it also has a lovely gold shimmer to it.
Spark of Life - a beautiful pale celadon colour.  I was looking for a light green shade as a bit of a base and this works well.
Wavemender - a light teal that turned out to be a bit warmer than shown on the website (which I actually prefer) but also quite close to the next colour - Emerald Dream.
Emerald Dream - is described to be between a Paris green and teal however I find it to be a bit more on the teal side for me, it also has a bit of a gold shimmer which is lovely - this is my favourite shade from this purchase, I also enjoy some of the Warcraft names ;)
Riptide - an azure blue with a very vibrant shimmer to it, I was hesitant to pick up a blue as I find them difficult to use but wanted this to blend in with some greens for a lovely cool look.
Wrath Baby - is an indigo purple shade that's a bit paler in person than the image above.  I find that this applies as a very bold indigo colour as opposed to the softer violet it looks in the pot, you can see my swatch below.
Haunt - a gorgeous warm royal purple with an orange/red shimmer, this is also another favourite (although I have a habit of buying a lot of purples), I found this also applies very boldly

Peebles - I also bought Peebles, which you can see in the swatches below but sadly had an accident upon opening it, causing me to lose about 95% of the contents :(  I was so sad because this is a lovely coral pink with a gorgeous shimmer.  I will more than likely repurchase this in the future!

Swatches above were on NYX's Jumbo pencil in Milk and also bare.  As they're very fine eyeshadows, they cling strongly to a good primer but some stuggle on bare skin alone so it's good to invest in a good base for these.  The only downside is that Wrath Baby's colouring seemed to have changed a fair amount with a base.

Left to right: Haunt, Wrath Baby, Riptide, Emerald Dream, Wavemender, Spark of Life, Princess Princess Princess and Peebles - RIP Peebles :'(

Here's a quick look I decided to put together using Haunt, Wrath Baby, Riptide, Emerald Dream, Spark of Life and Golden Lotus (I had a small sample bag of this which I used in the corners of my eyes and under my brows for highlighting).  I seemingly didn't blend so great with Haunt but you can see how they can look quite lovely worn.

Here you can get a better shot of Spark of Life, Emerald Dream and Riptide.  I found they were quite easy to blend together (except for my booboo with haunt!) due to how fine they are milled.  I also tend to use more palettes so I'm quite inexperienced with loose shadows but they were very friendly.

Conclusion: I would surely recommend Femme Fatale to others and I will buy from them again in future.  I think that for the price, you get a great amount of product and they have a lot of interesting shades to choose from.


  1. These look really good on! I've never heard of this brand but I love how bright and pigmented the shadows seem to be; will definitely have to check them out! x

    1. Definitely give them a quick peek, I've also got a few of their nail polishes which are really cool too!

  2. YOUR FACE UP! The colour is intense and I love what you did with the bottom of your eye <3

  3. I have not heard of this brand before Lauren but I will definitely look into getting the Blue & Purple where you place on your lower lash line sometime in the future x... goesh! Such a pretty color hey x Looks good on your skin tone x

    1. Yeah definitely do, I love checking out Indie brands because of their funky colours and it helps that they're Aussie based too :D They've got a lot of good pinks which would look fab on you ;)

  4. Gorgeous, such a fun look! Good way to add some colour this Winter!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Thanks Sheri :D Not too much longer now and we will be able to finally enjoy some Spring looks in the proper weather :D