Happy New Year

Well, I may be getting a bit ahead of myself but I wanted to make a post whilst I still remembered!  The shame suddenly sunk in that it had been a month since my last post, how slack!  I'm still here though and I still intend to be, I'm just in somewhat of a limbo.

Firstly, Blogger has been driving me up the wall so I'm currently in the process of migrating over to Wordpress which has also proven to be a bit of a pain in the backside but hopefully the new blog will be up and running so I will redirect from here shortly!

Secondly, my air conditioning broke down and I live in Australia so I've been pretty sluggish for the past month (we had a fantastic heat wave of four 40+ degree days in a row and today in particular has a top of 39 degrees).  It's quite difficult to find the motivation to slap on makeup or look half decent in this heat, I tend to look more like a glistening roast hog.

Anywhoo, I do have some posts that I'm really excited to do when the top two issues above are finally sorted which should hopefully be VERY SOON!  I plan to do a bit of a roundup of products I've discovered over the past year as well as a bit of a spotlight on honey based skin care as I realised I've stockpiled about 10 different honey based products because honey is the best thing ever.

So in the wise words of the Lorac founder Carol Shaw - "Stay Tuned ;)"

Review - Me Now Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick

So If you read my blog from time to time then you may have noticed me previously raving on about the Me Now Long Lasting Lipglosses here, here and the magical halo version here (which is essentially the same thing).   When will the Me Now madness end?  Probably now because this next product is just crap if I'm going to cut to the chase.

New Asian Beauty Shop in Adelaide - Colo7

Recently a new Asian Beauty shop opened in Adelaide called Colo7.  They seem to be popping up a fair bit now actually since there used to only really be Kawaii Fashion (which was mostly Japanese Cosmetics) and a few little shops selling a limited selection (like Morning Glory).

This shop has opened on King William Street, near Pulp Fiction Comics and has a very colourful front window, I was lured in by the sight of all the Eutde House sheet masks to be honest!

The lady in the shop was very friendly and curious that someone like me was so interested in AB products.  I was REALLY impressed by the pricing and interesting range here.  The Etude House sheet masks were $1.50ea from memory which is the cheapest I've seen them available here.

Too Faced Sweetcheeks Christmas Set + Swatches

Mecca recently released Christmas sets for a lot of the brands they stocked, I tend to get pretty excited over Christmas releases because it means lots of mini sized products!  This year was a little lacklustre for most brands though but Too Faced released a Sweetcheeks set with 3 mini Melted liquid lipsticks and 3 mini Love Flush blushes.

Daiso Brush Cleaner Comparison Post

Quick personal note - sorry it's been so long since my last post, a few big events popped up and I started working full time again so it's quickly eaten into my time!  I'll try my best to keep posting somewhat regularly now that I've settled though :) 

This is an oddly specific post but I decided to do a comparison between the Daiso brand Detergent for Puff & Sponge and the Makeup Brush Cleaner products.  I've used the detergent for a while - not just for puffs and sponges but for any makeup tools really, it works well and only costs $2.80 (well it costs $4 in Adelaide since we don't have a Daiso sadly). I recently came across the makeup brush cleaner that costs the same price but has more 70ml more product.