LUSH Adelaide Re-Opening Event

Hey Guys, last Friday I got the opportunity to visit the new-look Lush Store in Adelaide and it was lots of fun!  Sadly I didn't get any photos of the outside however not too much had changed in that aspect.  The event began at 5 but there was already a huge line forming at 4:30!

Here's a couple of shots from my first sight upon making it into the store.  I love how the moisturising bars are on display and I think that it will be more convenient to have a bit of a look at the testers without fear of knocking a lot of things over (how I'd often feel in the stores previous set up!)

In the middle of the shop is an awesome face mask bar so you can see them beautifully on display and accessible too!  I spoke with one of the lovely staff members about how I'd never really had the chance to try them because they were hidden in a little fridge in the back of the store and it was often crowded in that area.  I've now had the chance to have a good look over all the masks and happily picked up Cupcake to take home - it smells AMAZING, super chocolatey and delectable!

Here's a little look at the goodies I picked up on the night.  As I mentioned above, I just had to buy Cupcake, if just for it's scent alone!  I was also given a cute Lush shopping bag and inside was an array of awesome stuff!  Popcorn Lip Scrub (I LOVE their Lip Scrubs) Whip Stick Lip Balm and Sparkle Toothy Tabs.  I was super chuffed with how generous they were!

And to finish off, I just wanted to share my look for the night!  On my recent trip in Hong Kong I picked up MAC's Heroine and this was my first chance to wear it out so I wanted to go for a lovely purple theme.


  1. You are so pretty <3 Love the purple look with your hair colour :3

  2. Your suit purple lips so well <3 too beautiful.

    1. Thanks Kathy :D I loved your look that night too!

  3. Great Post Lauren! And thanks for the mention :) It was so nice meeting you last Friday, hope to see you tonight xx

  4. Thanks Mayanthi! It was good seeing you too :) I had a bit of trouble with scheduling but I hope to make it to the next meet and really get a chance to chat with everyone.