Too Faced Sweetcheeks Christmas Set + Swatches

Mecca recently released Christmas sets for a lot of the brands they stocked, I tend to get pretty excited over Christmas releases because it means lots of mini sized products!  This year was a little lacklustre for most brands though but Too Faced released a Sweetcheeks set with 3 mini Melted liquid lipsticks and 3 mini Love Flush blushes.

 I'd just briefly like to remark at how gorgeous the packaging for this order is.  Last year I put in an order around Christmas time and received a beautifully, well packaged, order and this year I was pleased to see that the same amount of care and thought was put into my parcel.

Not only was the box beautiful but inside was lovely tissue wrapping, keeping all of my products safe.  I'm glad that they put these little finishing touches on their orders, it almost makes up for the Australia tax we pay on cosmetics here.

I decided to do some quick swatches of the Melted Liquid Lipsticks I received (and to compare a couple from last year).  I attempted to take a swatch of the Love Flush blushes but they didn't show up too well on camera so I may re-attempt this later.

Melted Nude - I received this shade last year and I still love it, it's a lot warmer than a nude lip colour that I'd normally pick for myself but it somehow still works for me.  The applicator for the mini sized versions tend to be perfect for getting a reasonably neat line on my lips too so I'm very fond of these products.

Melted Peony - I also received this shade last year however, despite the gorgeous shade, I had a lot of trouble with the formula.  It was streaky and patchy and difficult to work with.  I'm pleased to say that there appears to be some improvement to the formula since.  Although it does settle a fair bit into lines on the lips, it doesn't over accentuate dry lips or apply in a patchy manner.  I'm really glad because this Peony shade is just gorgeous and I look forward to wearing it this summer.

Melted Fig - By far my favourite of them all.  This is such a gorgeous rich berry tone, a great way to work purple into your look without being too overpowering.  Berry tones tend to really call to me so I'm really glad I bought this.

All these shades tend to last for a reasonable length of time (around 3-4 hours before fading) and none of them feel overly drying, even when worn for an extended period of time.  The applicator means that they're quite easy to touch up so they're a good option to chuck in your handbag.  Overall a good product from Too Faced and I'm as happy with them this year as I was last year. 

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  1. Oh thanks for the review once again! I love those shades a lot <3
    And your pictures are very pretty =)

    Lunie Chan - Le Blog