Daiso Brush Cleaner Comparison Post

Quick personal note - sorry it's been so long since my last post, a few big events popped up and I started working full time again so it's quickly eaten into my time!  I'll try my best to keep posting somewhat regularly now that I've settled though :) 

This is an oddly specific post but I decided to do a comparison between the Daiso brand Detergent for Puff & Sponge and the Makeup Brush Cleaner products.  I've used the detergent for a while - not just for puffs and sponges but for any makeup tools really, it works well and only costs $2.80 (well it costs $4 in Adelaide since we don't have a Daiso sadly). I recently came across the makeup brush cleaner that costs the same price but has more 70ml more product.

Cleaning your brushes is important! Just a quick divergence on the topic at hand - many people don't place much importance on cleaning their makeup tools and I myself didn't until a few years ago when I became more invested in makeup.  I'm not the kind of person to impose "rules" when it comes to makeup, it's essentially an art so anything goes, however hygiene is extremely important and keeping your brushes and makeup tools clean is a must.  Dirty brushes can make it difficult to apply your makeup smoothly, cause your skin to break out (such as giving you a rash or pimples) but is also a breeding ground for some nasty bacteria that can make you extremely ill.

Back on track - I gathered a couple of dirty specimens to clean and decided to put these two cleaners to the test and determine the grand champion Daiso cleaner.

Here we have a grotty Real Techniques sponge used to apply BB cream and my Ecotools brush for blush application - this will be team detergent for puff and sponge (team A).  On the right are two Real Technique knock off brushes, one buffing brush used for foundation and the other also used for blush application, that will be cleaned with the new brush cleaner (team B).

The results are looking pretty even, both teams came out very clean and soft with no notable damage after cleaning.  That said, the amount of product needed to clean team B was absurdly more than team A.  The detergent for puff and sponge has a thicker, more viscous, texture so less product is needed for a deep clean whereas the brush cleaner is a very watery formula.  Despite the fact that the brush cleaner has more volume included, it was greatly offset by how much was needed for an effective clean.

So whilst both products will clean brushes quite well, the detergent for puff and sponge is easily a more economical choice - it provides a much deeper clean for far less product and can certainly be used for your brushes as well.  Thanks for reading, I hope this was useful for some of you deciding which option to go with!


  1. Love this comparison! Now I know which one to get :)
    Speaking of which, where can I hunt the Daiso product down in Adelaide?
    Thanks! :)

    1. Both of these should be available at Kawaii Fashion on Gouger Street (sadly not in the $2.80 section but in the other section with the Japanese Cosmetics). The last few times I've been there, stock has been pretty good but there's dry spells so if you like this product, it'd be worthwhile to grab a couple in case! :)

  2. Thanks I'm just looking for a detergent for my brushes, now using regular natural soap


    1. If I'm being honest, one of my favourite things to clean my brushes with is actually Sard Wonder Soap which is a laundry soap. It's really good at getting out all the makeup whilst keeping the brushes clean (and pretty cheap too, a $3 bar lasted me abount 8 months)!