New Asian Beauty Shop in Adelaide - Colo7

Recently a new Asian Beauty shop opened in Adelaide called Colo7.  They seem to be popping up a fair bit now actually since there used to only really be Kawaii Fashion (which was mostly Japanese Cosmetics) and a few little shops selling a limited selection (like Morning Glory).

This shop has opened on King William Street, near Pulp Fiction Comics and has a very colourful front window, I was lured in by the sight of all the Eutde House sheet masks to be honest!

The lady in the shop was very friendly and curious that someone like me was so interested in AB products.  I was REALLY impressed by the pricing and interesting range here.  The Etude House sheet masks were $1.50ea from memory which is the cheapest I've seen them available here.

Some of my favourites can be spotted here, Kose Speedy Cleansing Oil, Banila Co Clean It Zero and more!  All for very reasonable prices (around $10-$12 for the Kose oils I believe)

Here is where I got really excited as I noticed the Kohaku Hada Lotion (around the middle of the photo, next to the pink and blue bottles in the second row) and the Milk version.  These aren't really too common internationally so I was keen to see them.  There's also some old favourites by Hada Labo available here too!

I picked up a few things and have since been back to make some purchases, generally having good experiences.  However my most recent experience - I decided to browse the shop a bit and the attendant (was someone I'd not seen there before) was extremely unwelcoming and rude so I felt a bit put off but I think I'll return perhaps another time as the rest of the staff have been lovely and helpful.

Here are the items I picked up on my first trip.  I actually have a lot of supplies already so I didn't get too much really.  My friend recommended the Deep Cleansing Oil by Kose (in lieu of the Speedy version) so I thought I'd give that a try and then I also grabbed the Yamano Kohaku Hada Lotion which is lovely and hydrating.

I also nabbed some classic Etude House sheet masks as I always love those and this interesting Papa Recipe Bombee Honey mask which I'm wearing as I'm typing right now!  It's got a lovely scent (similar to the Banila Co. Miss Flower & Mr Honey range) and is EXTREMELY hydrating, it's just so moist!  So far I'd rate it quite high as I'm in need of a moisture boost right now in during this dry heat.

Anyway, if you want to grab some more reasonable bargains or cheap sheet masks, I'd recommend checking this place out, they've also started stocking the gorgeous Mamonde sheet masks too which are great and gorgeous!


  1. I was there a few weeks ago and picked up the Kohaku Hada (black ver), cause I ran out and thankfully they had it. The lady that served me (the older lady since there was a younger one in her 20s) was really nice and welcoming. We had a bit of a chat and she told me some stuff about the store. The younger lady wasn't very acknowledging and seemed like she was just there for the job, I guess haha

    1. I love that they stock the Yamano Kohaku Hada products, I'm loving the milk right now. The older lady there is so super nice, I saw her in store the other day again and she was just as warm and welcoming as normal. I guess it must just be the same experience for everyone, glad to know I'm not the only one who encountered the less-than-enthused younger staffer!