Review - Me Now Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick

So If you read my blog from time to time then you may have noticed me previously raving on about the Me Now Long Lasting Lipglosses here, here and the magical halo version here (which is essentially the same thing).   When will the Me Now madness end?  Probably now because this next product is just crap if I'm going to cut to the chase.

Initially I bought these from Aliexpress, thinking they were the lip liners but just decided to roll with the fact that they're actually just pencil lipsticks (i.e fatter lip liners anyway).  I was impressed by the fact that they had their own boxes and paper insert, which had no valuable information (such as ingredients), just broken English on their range which listed every product except the one actually within the box, weird.  Anyway, onto the swatches.

Shade #9

So when I first applied this I thought it didn't look too bad, then it proceeded to settle into every single line and accentuate any bit of texture on my lips.  If you zoom in, my top lip looks like it has goosebumps.  The shade is lovely but this formula is drier than the Sahara desert.  It probably is kiss proof but I don't want to keep this product on my lips long enough to find out...

Shade #7

A much nicer shade which doesn't match its packaging at all.  It has a lovely pearly rose sheen but continues to be super dry.  This shade is more subtle when it comes to highlighting your lips texture.  Easily the best of the 3 however still not a great product sadly, there are just way too many alternatives that are much more hydrating and comfortable to wear.

Shade #3

What even is this?  Are you trying Me Now?  This shade is  TERRIBLE, I'm sure it speaks for itself in the photos.  This is my 3rd attempt to try and get a streak-free application (I tried to paint it on, I tried a lip balm and a lip primer).  This is extremely drying and feels like you're rubbing gravel onto your lips, it's essentially a lip exfoliator with additional red colouring.

Anyway, thanks for reading, now you can save yourself the 99 cents and instead buy a flake bar which will be much more satisfying than these dodgy lip crayons!

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