Triss Merigold inspired FOTD

Video Games are one of my favourite things in the world, I've been playing them a lot ever since I could walk on my own two feet! Naturally I love to combine my interest in games with my interest in Makeup.  Unfortunately it's hard to find a lot of games that have good makeup examples (in my opinion).  A lot of characters from games I love tend to have pretty plain faces and their design is built around their hairstyle and clothing.

I recently played The Witcher 3 which has been one of the best games I've played in a long time.  I was really impressed with the detail on so many characters faces.  Triss is a sorceress and like many other sorceresses, they use magic to keep a quite youthful and pretty visage.  One thing I really loved was that Triss didn't have that super flawless complexion that so many video game ladies are designed with.  Triss has freckles, sun damaged skin and wrinkles (you know, like how some real people apparently have), so to make a character that's still designed to be pretty yet also human was so refreshing for me to see since growing up with freckles was not super fun.

Unfortunately over time, the freckles on my face really faded (around the time that I began to appreciate their existence) and they're hidden even more when I wear any sort of BB cream or foundation.  I decided to draw on some extra freckles for this look.  I felt that they looked pretty good in person but sadly do come up a bit fake and harsh in photos.  None-the-less, it was a really fun little experiment to try and recreate these freckles and this overall look.

Triss was quite difficult because we have very different eyes and brows.  Changing the shape of my brows is one thing I just really suck at doing so I welcome any practise! I brought the blush a bit more forward on my face to try and mimic flushed cheeks a bit better.  I also used a bit of bronzer and contour to try and tan up the area around my nose and forehead to give a bit more of a mixed complexion look, this hasn't translated well in photos though sadly.

Either way, I had a lot of fun with this but I don't think it's as obvious as my previous video game looks (Eir from Guild Wars 2 and Lulu from Final Fantasy, the latter of which I'd really love to reattempt because I think I could give that one a much better go).  Some other characters I'd love to attempt are Jack from the Mass Effect series, Tyrande Whisperwind from the Warcraft series, Aela the Huntress from Skyrim and Sorceress Edea from Final Fantasy 8.

This is a picture I've taken in game that I used for reference for my look.  I just love her freckles so much!  This isn't really the best shot of her though, I found a really lovely picture of her that someone captured and edited on DeviantArt here.  Thanks for reading :D


  1. This is a really cute and fresh look, don't know if that's what you were going for but it's very sort of doll like to me! Really pretty!

    1. Thank you very much :D It's certainly what I was aiming for!

  2. This is a really cute and fresh look, don't know if that's what you were going for but it's very sort of doll like to me! Really pretty!