Missha x Wonder Woman Collaboration Release

Missha have just released a Wonder Woman limited edition range and as a good fan of DC superheroes, I was super keen to see this release. MAC also released a Wonder Woman series a few years back so anyone who missed the opportunity to have their favourite Themyscirian on their makeup products will have a second chance!

This range includes: Perfect Cover BB Cream in #21 and #23, Magic Cushion in #21 and #23, Magic Cushion Moisture in #21 and #23, Eye Color Studio Palette in Girlish Look and Lovely Look, Lip Rouge in Glossy and Matte, The Style 3D and 4D Mascara and Lucid Nail Polish in 18 different shades.

Where to Buy - TesterKorea has the whole range in stock.

I've already ordered one of the Cushions and the Girlish Look Eyeshadow Palette and I'm very excited for them! I think most of the range is great and very affordable. The only thing that doesn't interest me too much is the nail polish range - they've included a lot of colours that aren't really synonymous with Wonder Woman herself. I feel like they could've chosen more Wonder Woman related shades for the lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes too.

All photos are courtesy of Missha's Global Site.

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