Mini Review - Etude House Play Nail Polish

To balance out my previous post, I thought I'd do a quick review of a product that I really quite love which is the Etude House Play Nail Polish.  I've tried countless brands of nail polish over the years looking for a great formula that comes in a large colour range but also for an affordable price and I think Etude House's Play Nails range are one of the best I've come across.

I picked up a few of the polishes above from my overseas trip in May last year and I'm pleased to say that these polishes have maintained a smooth texture without any need of adding a thinner (with the exception of the heart confetti top coat which had thickened slightly).  None have changed remarkably in consistency or usability and it's been over a year!

I recently picked up a few more shades and I thought I'd do a bit of a nail swatch of a few of the shades I've collected.

From thumb to pinky:
  • Play Nail in #368 topped with #117 (Heart confetti top coat)
  • Play Nail in #14 topped with #109 (gold and purple glitter top coat)
  • Play Nail in #369 with no top coat
  • Play Nail in #374 topped with #101 (clear glitter top coat that applies to with a gold sheen)
  • Play Nail in #367 topped with #108 (gold glitter top coat) 

You can also see I'm holding the Etude House branded Nail Polish remover, also a pretty neat product - it's quite cheap, low in acetone, has a nice fragrance and no strong chemical smell.  That said, it's a nail polish remover so it's not really a unique product, any cheap nail polish remover will do just fine usually.

In short, these polishes are great because:
  • They're cheap - roughly $2-$3USD direct from the Etude House website (before factoring in shipping) and just a few dollars more from eBay if you want just one or two with free shipping
  • The formula lasts ages without much change in texture (I've had OPI polishes go gloopy quicker)
  • Amazing texture and great to apply, the formula is perfect and doesn't take long to dry
  • Large colour range to choose from, there's over 50 available on the Etude House website and then there's the limited edition colours that are released frequently
  • Many polishes are quite opaque with one coat but most only need 2 light coats to reach full opacity
  • With a top coat, it takes over a week until these these will start to chip, I tend to change up my manicure before they even chip or when they start lightly chipping.
Where to buy: Etude House Global WebsiteRoseRoseShop (for the Afternoon Tea range ones)


  1. I love the lacey nail polish packaging! So adorable, Lauren :) Nail polishes would be one of my most neglected routine lol. I have low patience when comes to painting them lol

    Hana | Bold Expression

    1. Etude House packaging is my weakness aaahhhh, they make such adorable products! I kinda neglect my nails too, I try to remember to do them for blog posts if I'm holding up products so my nails don't look so shabby in photos haha!

  2. Replies
    1. I love love love the #101 and #108, so gorgeous. Unfortunately I just noticed they've gone up slightly in price on the Etude House site :( How could they do this to me!!?