Washing your Face with Vegetables!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like washing your face with a Vegetable?  Probably not because you're sane but, if you haven't already heard about them, I'd like to introduce you to the Konjac sponge!

Konjac (pronounced kon-yak) is a tuber that's pretty popular to eat in Japan, you might've heard of Shirataki noodles (which are pretty vile in my opinion).  You can also find this in those little fruit jelly cups that caused a bunch of people to choke on and die.  Okay wow, so I'm not really selling this plant very well but we're not here to eat it, we're here to rub them on ourselves!

Konjac Sponges are interesting porous sponges that absorb a lot of liquid, they're really amazing for cleansing with as they're quite thorough yet soft enough to do a bit of scrubbing with without damaging your skin.  Since picking up my Konjac sponges, I almost invariably use this to help with cleansing. It helps lift some of the surfacing dirt and muck that can get in your pores which, if you do with a brush or a rough cloth, you're possibly going to damage your skin a bit.

Previously I was using Microfibre cloths as they're so gentle, I still use these from time to time but konjac sponges really get a great clean.

These sponges can come in a variety of shapes and sizes (and colours!) however from what I've read, there's really not too much of a difference between paying $20 for the kinds that Sephora stocks or buying a $2 one from eBay.  My first sponge was a Japanese brand that I found locally for around $7, it is the black one above and came dehydrated so it required a fair bit of bath time before it softened up for use.  My green sponge came from eBay is a bit puffier and softer but not too different overall.

The colours sometimes indicate that they have an additional ingredient for cleansing (such as charcoal or green tea) but I read on The Beauty Imprint that it's probably bs and I agree.

Since this sponge is made from an organic materials, you will need to take good care of it.  Feed it 3 times daily and give it lots of attention and love.  Haha no not really, I read some great tips from The Beauty Imprint's post mentioned above about some great care tips:
  • Rinse your sponge thoroughly after every use 
  • Squeeze out excess water after using your sponge however try not to "wring it out" but rather squash it flat, this will do less damage to your spongey's fibres
  • Hang your beloved sponge up to dry, preferably somewhere dry (most sponges will come with a string attached)
  • Give your sponge a good clean every couple of weeks by microwaving your wet sponge in a bowl of shallow water, this will help disinfect it
With good care, your sponge should last a good few months, you'll be able to tell when your sponge gets a bit mank and is due for the bin though, it will start to disintegrate.

You can find my black sponge on Sasa, but I'd recommend the cheaper green sponge that I bought from eBay, you don't need to necessarily buy a heart shaped one either, plenty of sellers on eBay will sell different shapes, simply search for Konjac sponge.

What do you think about Konjac sponges, would you be willing to rub this beautiful tuber all over your face? :D

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