Me Now Long Lasting Lip Gloss Review - Part 2

I recently did a review on the Me Now Long Lasting Lip Glosses that can be found all over eBay and AliExpress, I was really impressed with the overall performance of these lip products (which are more like liquid lipsticks than glosses) that I picked up a few more to play around with.

From top to bottom - #32, #22, #10, #02, #16 and 18.  32, 10 and 02 are my new purchases whereas the other 3 were covered in my previous post. 

I decided to chuck in some arm swatches this time because why not.  Here you can see that 32 is quite an orange red.  Overall the consistency for these are very similar with the exception of 10 which has a metallic sheen and is a little slicker than the others.

Here's 32, as you can see is quite a warm red and probably doesn't suit me all that well as I tend to lean towards cooler reds.  Same pros and cons as the previous review, not too difficult to apply other than the long stem on the applicator, extremely long lasting and nearly cyclone-proof.

This is 10, as mentioned above, it has a more shiny finish, is more slippery/slicker than the others and a little less drying.  The only drawback is that, as a result, it's slightly less long lasting than the others but not too much so (maybe around an hour difference, it's also a little more prone to rubbing off if you were to eat a sandwich).

Here is number 02 which is a new favourite and I think it matches pretty well with my skin tone.  Very similar to the others in regards to texture and longevity.  All of these are opaque with one layer.

Once again, same conclusion, I'm still really pleased with how well these perform however even though there is a massive amount of shades available, the variance in them isn't too huge - I'd love to see some more cooler reds, purples/lilacs or more nudes/browns available.  I think the packaging could also be improved so that the applicator wasn't so long with such a tiny handle.  Pretty small downsides though for such a cheap lip product.

Once again, I wasn't paid or incentivised to do this post, it really is just a good product that is cheaper than a Big Mac, I would definitely recommend them.


  1. Cute packaging :) I love all the colours, Lauren :D

    Hana | Bold Expression

    1. Thanks Hana :D Unfortunately the writing on them starts to rub off quickly :( but otherwise they're pretty great!