Review - TesterKorea, Shara Shara Honey Bomb & Banila Co Honey Oil

I recently placed my first order with TesterKorea, I'd never ordered from TesterKorea before because honestly I'd never read very positive things about them, I'd heard that their turnaround times were slow and they were pretty stingy with samples.  Whilst these aren't huge issues, the Korean beauty market is pretty well rounded with RoseRoseShop, Jolse, Wishtrend, Memebox (for US buyers) and more so I think shops need to really focus on those bonus things to really stand out.

That said, Testerkorea had a couple of items that I wasn't able to find at my other favourite shops, namely the Shara Shara Honey Bomb All in One Ampoule and the Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr Honey Oil, so their first pro was to have a bit more of a variety in their range.

I placed my order on the 6/6/15 and received it on the 23/6/15 so 11 working days in total.  Packaging was sturdy with adequate bubble wrap so no issues there.  The order totalled a bit over 90,000 won so it was a bit on the pricier side (roughly $100AUD).

Here are the samples I received with my order, I'm pleased that they included a good amount of samples in this order, especially given their previous reputation on this.  They weren't all just foil samples either, I received a small tub of Banila Co's Clean It Zero (an excellent product), Banila Co's Miss Flower & Mr Honey Cream and Skin79's Oriental BB Cream.  I was impressed that the majority of the samples were by Banila Co so it seems they considered the content of my order and chose the samples accordingly.

Shara Shara Honey Bomb All In One Ampoule 

This is a product I've been interested in for a while, this all in one ampoule claims to hydrate your skin, fight aging and whiten/brighten the skin.  It has Niacinamide listed as the fourth ingredient however I am unsure of the percentage, Niacinamide is known as an excellent anti-aging ingredient and is known to even out your skin tone.  This product also has Honey Extract, Royal Jelly Extract and Propolis Extract so it has a whole variety of amazing bee-related ingredients.  One could assume from this ingredient list that this product may also provide some mild anti-inflammatory benefits.

It's so packed full of amazing ingredients so I'm keen to introduce this into my routine, hopefully I can expect my skin tone to even out and, although its a hard thing to gauge, I'm keen to see if it will be a great anti-aging friend.

The formula is somewhat thick but not difficult to spread, it has a lovely fragrance, light honey and floral tones that are quite mild however if you are sensitive to fragrances, this may irritate your nose and/or skin.  This Honey Bomb does take some time to absorb, initially it's not overly messy but as it begins to dry, it will get quite sticky so try to refrain from touching your face much until has fully absorbed (which may take 15-20 minutes).

I'll be keeping an eye on how this product performs so I'll provide an update if any noticeable improvements happen.

Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr Honey Essence Oil

I accientally ordered two of these!  I'm not too worried though, it's a lovely and luxurious product so I don't mind having a backup.  I was super keen on this product after reading a review on Fifty Shades of Snail, the packaging itself is so beautiful and shiny and I'm a self proclaimed honey fiend.  The bottle is a pretty but sturdy, the oil is dispensed by a small dropper which is good so you don't just waste half the product by pouring it into your hand (like I so often do).  There's also a pretty neat little devide in the opening that helps squeegee the excess oil back into the bottle so you don't just waste a whole bunch of it when dispensing the oil.

The oil is quite a lightweight oil that you can kinda see in the picture above.  It's very easy to apply and a little goes a long way, I'm guessing this is due to the amount of collagen in the product.  Speaking of collagen, despite the amount of products available, both in western and Asian beauty products, it's generally a pretty ineffective ingredient as far as anti-aging goes, it's been shown that applying collagen topically or ingesting it does not promote collagen production in the skin.  That said I've also read some interesting claims that it does provide some boosts to hydration and helps as a bit of a moisture magnet.  Other than the collagen, this oil also has Honey, Propolis and Royal Jelly extract so at the very least, this oil makes for a very hydrating oil.

At this stage I can't say for certain how effective this product is but so far, I've enjoyed how nourishing it feels and I am interested in mixing it with a few other products to see how it goes, I've read some people mixing their oils in with foundations or BB creams for extra hydration so I'm curious to give that a try!

Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr Honey Cream

How cute is this tiny little tub?!  I was so happy to get this as a sample as this is quite an expensive cream and I was interested in giving it a try.  Banila Co has really done great with this range, even their sample products are so well designed.

Although it looks quite light in the image, this cream is definitely a richer cream and is really quite moisturising, it's almost like a sleeping mask!  Fifty Shades of Snail also did a review on this cream where she goes into the ingredients quite thoroughly.  Like the rest of these Honey products, it's packed full of hydrating, anti-aging goodness however it is quite expensive at 43,300 won for just 70ml of cream.  Compared to some western moisturisers though, this is a pretty standard price.

Thanks for reading this hefty post, all in all, I'd recommend popping in an order with TesterKorea, hopefully they've become more generous with their samples and it seems like their turnaround time has improved lately.

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