May Favourites!

I found some new favourites and rediscovered some old loves over the past month so I thought I'd share and give a quick rundown on my May discoveries!

Hyaluronic Acid - Hada Labo Lotion & Sheet Masks
If you read my blog then you'll notice that I've had a growing obsession with Hyaluronic Acid lately.  It's now winter here but I've been feeling the effects of the cold weather since April so I've ramped up the amount of hydrating products in my routine.  Hada Labo's Gokujyun Lotion is a fantastic product to apply just before a sheet mask or a moisturiser as it really boosts the effect and leaves my skin feeling ultra soft.   I'm also loving the Etude House, Mizon and My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Sheet masks. 

Killing Me Zombie BB Cream & Daiso Highlighter

A lovely gal from Reddit gifted me this BB cream and it's excellent!  I find that it doesn't cling to any parts of dry skin and it's also the perfect amount of coverage for me right now.  I've got redder skin in the cold weather but I also don't like to wear too much foundation when it's chilly so this is just right!  It's also got SPF50 PA+++ which is a nice bonus.  My mum sent me this Daiso highlighter and it's a really lovely matte powder highlighter, it's great for adding a bit of detail to the tops of your cheeks, nose and chin without the shimmer of most highlights.  Also because it's Daiso, it's only $2.80, awww yeah! 

Revlon Balm Stain in Adore & RT Dupe Brush

The Revlon Balm Stain is me rediscovering how much I love my Balm Stains, they're perfect for cooler weather when your lips are a bit chapped because they bring back colour without accentuating any dry patches. They're also somewhat hydrating so they won't undo all your moisturising efforts.

I also picked up a RT buffing brush dupe from eBay, I wanted to give it a shot because my only experience with RT brushes was not a positive one so I didn't want to dump $20 on single brush just to have it fall apart. I nabbed this on eBay for about $3 and it's very soft and has held up well since washing it. It's really perfect for buffing my finishing powder on to create a more flawless look.

Do you have any recent favourites you'd like to share? I love reading about everyone's new discoveries so let me know!


  1. Just curious which RT brush you didn't have a good experience with! I've had mixed experiences: they apply makeup really well but sometimes tend to shed or get prickly on me very quickly ):

    1. It was the stippling brush, I found it really prickly and the first time I went to wash it, the entire head of brush hairs popped out! I'm usually very careful with washing and drying my brushes too, I've not had another brush do anything similar before!