Halloween look - Reason to become a Witch

NS Yoon-G's Reason to become a Witch has been in my head all halloween and my inspiration to try and create a witchy look.  In the end, I just turned myself into a goth again because why not, black and purple are the best colours in the world (yeah yeah black's a shade, shhh)!

I'm mixing a couple of purples here but I wanted a chance to use my new Top Shop lip bullet because the colour is amazing.  That said, the product is absolutely terrible and smudges like a mofo so I would NOT recommend buying it, no matter how beautiful the shade is.

Here's a shot of my lids, I went with a grey to purple gradient using some Inglot shadows. The purple is a bit more plum-coloured in person whereas my eyeliner was more of a cooler purple, I didn't realise how different they were until I saw them in the photos! 

Products used: Inglot Eyeshadows, Porefessional, Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation mixed with Bourjois Healthy Gel Serum in #51, Discounted false eyelashes (lol), Benefit's BADgal Lash, Daiso Blush, Top Shop Lip Bullet in Smudgy McSmudgerson (Bewitched), Stila Smudgestick in Violet and Stay all Day liquid liner in Black.  I forgot to mention my brows - they were actually made up of two shades in ChiChi's Nudes palette.


  1. Dang, what a babe. I love the grey-purple gradient too! I'm glad you love Hettie! ♥

  2. You make a wonderful witch! So glad to catch you (even just briefly) yesterday <3<3

    1. Thank you :D You too, I loved those alien looks you guys did SO much :D