Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stains - Rio Rush, India Intrigue & Parisian Passion swatches

Revlon's hit the nail on the head with another lip product that deviates from the standard lipstick tube norm.  Whilst not amazingly revolutionary or game changing, the ColorStay Moisture stains are pretty awsome and I'm feeling myself being bitten by the collector bug, much like I was with the balm stains.

These stains are relatively new to Australia and retail at $25.95 each which is pretty hefty for a brand that's considered "Drug Store" in the US.  However, since their release I've already seen a wide variety of sales in both Priceline and MYER that has brought the price down to something more reasonable (at the time of this post, Priceline has a sale bringing them down to $16).  I thought I'd share some swatches of the few I've picked up so far and my thoughts on their performance. 

First up is Rio Rush.  Doesn't look like any of stock swatch photos I see on Priceline so definitely swatch this in person too.  I got this in my The Parcel box, it's not normally a colour I'd jump for but it's growing on me.  These stains come with a doe-foot applicator and they're kinda a pain in the ass to be honest.  I find it a bit finicky to get a nice even coat first up so it takes a bit of time.

Despite the annoying application, a lot of these stains actually do leave a good stain behind (the darker ones are better too!) so if you're unable to reapply during the day, it's no big deal because your lips still have this lovely lush colour to them.

Here is India Intrigue, once again differs a lot to the stock swatches I've been seeing online and looks SO damn good in my opinion.  This was the best to apply and not difficult to get an even coat.

Here's a snap of the stain it left behind.

Here is Parisian Passion which I'm also fond of but the application was a bitch, especially on the top lip so be prepared to sink a bit of time into getting this somewhat even. 

I loved the stain this one left behind though, I'm really far too lazy to reapply my lip products so I'm really enjoying the colours these leave behind. 

It's also worth noting that this is probably the first product I've bought of this formula that ISN'T STICKY.  I absolutely hate lip gloss and most "liquid" lip products because no matter how much they love to brag that they're not sticky, they always are, the lying bastards.  They have a nice slick feel but my lips don't feel caked, my hair doesn't stick to my lips and they don't smush together and create weird as hell patterns on my lips.  Bravo Revlon, thanks for that.


  1. Rio Rush is a lovely colour! I love peachy pinks especially for summer since it's a bright refreshing colour. Parisian Passion is lighter on application than I would expect. But I'm glad to hear they aren't like those annoying sticky lip glosses. Thanks for the review (might have to pick some out myself now) x

    1. They're really good :D Definitely keep an eye out when for when they're on sale next!