My Top 5 Bargain Beauty Picks

I've recently heard that the next Priceline 40% off makeup sale will be sometime very soon (around the 19th) and as a result, I've been thinking about what some of my favourite buys from Priceline are.

For those not from Australia, Priceline is a popular pharmacy here that tends to stock a pretty large range of Makeup and Skincare too.  The term "drug store" isn't really used here so I find it unusual to use that term when referring to lower priced makeup.

The contents on this list are some of my current favourites that are $20AUD rrp and under which means that with the upcoming sale, they'll be even more affordable - if you're able to get your hands on them that is, these sales can get emptied out pretty fast!

AC On Tour Kit - $16.95

Australia's cheaper sister to the Anastasia Contour Palette, I was pleasantly surprised by this.  I wasn't expecting much because Australis have burnt me too much in the past and I'm pinching myself at the reaslisation that I've got two of their products on this list.  The palette provides 3 highlight and 3 contour colours - this includes both a shimmery and matte highlight and a pale yellow highlight to perk up those dull under-eyes, an attempt at cool toned contour and two warmer contours/bronzers. 

This palette comes with a terrible downside - its high demand.  I was lucky to get one locally just after they'd stocked up however there seems to be a shortage nationally at the moment.  Hopefully Australis catches on and releases more of these bad boys. 

This eyebrow pencil is pretty amazing, it has an excellent texture for an eyebrow pencil.  It's firm enough to not just smudge into a mess on your brows yet not too firm to create an absurdly crisp and unrealistic line or cause any pain when applying - trust me, I've had it happen, some pencils are just too hard (that's what she said.  At $3.05 before a sale, it's so absurdly cheap that it's almost an insult to say no. 

The downside to this is that it only comes in 3 colours which are blonde, brown and black so it doesn't quite cover all bases however I've found the brown and blonde's to be quite versatile and the black to not be overpowering. 

Australis' Velourlips range is pretty much loved by many Aussie girls, I'm a special snowflake so I'm not one of them.  That said, the AC/ME range came along and with it came Grandmaster Pash which is pretty much the best thing I've ever gotten from Australis.  I'm going to go ahead and say that any of the Velourlips are worth trying, they're popular for a reason.  The standard range include a large variety of vivid matte lip colours.

Velourlips downside is that, like many other "matte" lip creams of it's kind, it is quite drying.  This could be very irritable for some but I've found  that it's not too bad and quite dismissable.  An upside to it's dryness is that it tends to not transfer very easily to food or drinks so it tends to last a buttload longer than most other lip products. 

I thought i'd share an image of it in action - it doesn't do the product justice really, it has a beautiful gold shine to it that I just couldn't capture on camera.  

Very Black, long lasting, crisp formula, it's pretty much everything I'd want in a Gel Liner.  I've ditched my M.A.C. fluidline in favour for this new contender because I've found that it's just much easier to get clean neat lines that are an excellent deep black.  I've had this for a few months now and it's yet to dry up, it's kept a perfect formula that's not stubborn to get on and off the brush when needed.

I can't think of any downsides for this however I am unsure how well it will work for oily eyelids (as mine are dry) so do keep that in mind. 

Here's a quick shot of it in action.  Not the best shot I'll admit but this was a sloppy rushed wing job and I personally think it still turned out pretty well.  In this shot you can also see the Essence brow pencil that I've used (in fact, I used every product on this list for my look)!

The most expensive item on this list however Bourjois is arguably on the higher end of budget makeup considering the quality and manufacturing process of some of its products as well as its relationship with Chanel.  Their blush pots are quite iconic and there's no denying why - they're so softly milled with excellent but gentle pigmentation, I'm also really fond of the smell they have.

At $20 each they are a bit more expensive than the other pieces on this list so it might be harder to justify shelling out for these however whilst the sale is on, it'll bring them down to just $12!  On top of that, the fragrance may not be loved by everyone as some users might find it intoxicating so definitely give this a whiff before buying. 

Just one more face shot so you can see all the products.  I've used all the products on this list here including one of the contour and two of the highlight shades from the contour kit.  My foundation is Revlon's Colourstay (which is an expensive mofo so it has no place on this list) and my eyeshadows are from the Naked 3 palette.  My shirt is a galaxy cat in space which costs like $6 from eBay so I would recommend it also. 

Bonus Contender - Revlon's Balm Stains, Matte Balms and Lacquer Balms - $17.95

I didn't originally include these because they've been quite heavily featured as it is by me but I wanted to give an honorable mention to them because they're indeed a trusty product in this price range.  Large colour range, 3 different finishes and excellent moisture (for most, the matte balm stains can be a bit drying but nowhere near that of other matte lip products).

So there they are, be sure to get on these when the sale starts. Have any products that you think are unmissable and $20 or under?  I'd love to hear about them!

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