Video Game Makeup - Eir Stegalkin (Guild Wars 2)

I love video games, it's no lie.  I've been playing them for as long as I can remember and they've been such great fun!  I don't know why it took so long for me to consider combining my love of video games and makeup together but I've decided to try and recreate some looks that I've seen across games I've played.  I have a few in mind but my first choice was Eir Stegalkin from Guild Wars 2. 

Image source: Guild Wars 2 Wiki

She's pretty awesome right?  I was drawn in by her awesome tattoos and loved the idea of doing a war-paint look and also to start off with something that wasn't too challenging either. 

Here's my attempt!  I didn't have her awesome armour or headband so I improvised!  It was a lot of fun to draw on the tattoos as well.  Some photos show them as being more blueish whereas others are most definitely grey.  I decided to go with the grey, mainly because I had an awesome Inglot grey shadow that did the job!

Here you can get a bit of a look at the eyeshadow I went with.  I did a gentle smoky look using the same Inglot eyeshadow I used for the tattoos as well as a couple of shadows in my Chi Chi Nudes palette.  I have always been afraid of doing smoky eyes, feeling like they look too intense but I think these greys turned out great.  I actually kept the eye makeup on like this for the rest of the day as I was chuffed with the look!

Here's a shot of the products used, I also realised I didn't include my base!  I started off with Inglot's YSM Cream Foundation in their lightest shade and mixed it in with some Pure Smile CC Cream to lighten it, I wanted to capture that pale Norn complexion!

The grey in the Inglot palette to the top right is my savior as well as the greys in my Chi Chi Nudes.  I used the wax in my NYX brow kit to help draw crisper lines for the tattoo.  Bourjois' blush pot in Rose Frisson helps create a subtle chilly blush, once again trying to emulate that wintery look.  

Just for reference, this is the picture  I decided to go with for reference of her tattoos.  I really loved the shape and design of this one. 

What do you think?  Do you have any suggestions for other game characters you'd like attempted?  I have a few in mind from Dragon Age and Mass Effect coming up soon :)  


  1. Love the way your tattoo's turned out! You could cosplay the character perfectly. :D

    1. Thank you :D I would totally love to, just need to work on perfecting my blacksmithing skills to recreate her armour ;)