Video Game Makeup - Lulu (Final Fantasy X)

Following on from my Eir Stegalkin look, for my second video game look, I decided to go with Lulu from Final Fantasy X.  She has gorgeous makeup and very intriguing eyes, I'm also a big fan of purple so it was only a matter of time before I attempted this look.

I will be honest, I'm not wearing lenses and did alter my eye colour in photoshop :P  I really wanted to see how it would look with her red reyes and I was pleased with the outcome!  As before, I'm not a cosplayer so I had to make do with a black wig and some jewellery that I felt fit the aesthetic (the necklace cost like $2 from taobao, great bargain).

Here you can get a better shot of my eyeshadow.  I used a mixture of Chi Chi's Sultry Palettte and Sugarpill's Paperdoll for a bit of extra shimmer.

Here are the products I used to recreate the look!  Similar to my Eir look, I went for a pale base, mixing together Skin 79 BB Cream with Pure Smile CC Cream.  My blush is a lovely lilac Etude House cookie Blusher, to fit in with the purple theme.  The lips are a mixture of Revlon's Shameless, MAC's Heroine and BYS's Electric Lavender.

Here is the image I used for reference, I just love her sharp brows and purple lips, something I like to incorporate into my daily make up too!


  1. I love the eye shadow look, Lauren :)
    Truth to be told, I am a huge fan of anything that's purple. Kudos to you for making that eye shadow color as close to the anime character :)

    1. Thanks Hana :D Purple is my favourite too, I think I could've even gone a bit more bold with the purple for this look!

  2. Why am I not following yoyr blog. I freaking love video games :D and this makeup look is bloody amazing