My attempt at pressing eyeshadows (and blushes!)

I've been enjoying a bit of time off recently and the empty palette I ordered arrived in the mail so I decided to try pressing some eyeshadows.  I won't be doing a tutorial-like post as, in my travels, I've noted that there is actually a LOT of tutorials out there about how to press loose shadows.  For reference, here is the one I followed.

A lot of the small loose eyeshadows I had turned out to not be enough to fill an entire pan so instead I decided to re-press some singular shadows I had.  I have a terrible habit of not reaching for individual shadows so I decided to group some together! 

Here's a quick snap of tools ready to go.  I actually ended up using the butt end of a match stick to mix everything together rather than the bobby pin.

And here they are all neat and tidy in their palette and the matching swatches!  I swatched them in groups of their purpose then colour so they're a bit out of order. 1, 2 and 6 were Essence Eyeshadows. 3 and 5 were Benefit eyeshadows that came as part of a christmas set. 4 is actually a mixture of two different greens, one by  Australis and one by Revlon!  I'm happy with the result of those two.

7 and 8 are my NARS duo of Laguna and Orgasm, the packaging for these two became a bit gummy and they were awkward to use in their normal pans so I decided to re-do them.  9 and 10 are Benefit Blushes, 9 is a limited edition blush from a Christmas tin, mixed in with a bit of Dandelion, 10 is the leftovers of a Sugarbomb blush I had that had hit pan, so I decided to re-press it!

As you can see, the blushes are less intense on the swatches which is natural but all the other colours turned out quite well I think!  Along the top is a thin layer of NYX's Milk and just underneath is Benefit's Stay Don't Stray in Light/Medium.

I decided to order another empty palette and try grouping more of my shadows together.  I might also consider getting some loose indie shadows and try my hand at properly pressing some.  For those interested, I bought this palette, it's so cheap and very good, quite identical to Coastal Scents palettes.


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  2. Wow they turned out really great. Your presses are really nice too. It actually makes a really co-ordinated palette even though you just picked random colours!

    With the small amounts of loose shadows, I've seen people press 2/3 colours in 1 tin to create something like a baked shadow.

    Oh and if you rub isopropyl alcohol onto the outside of the nars packaging it removes the gummy matte layer.


    1. I actually just found a few Femme Fatale ones I had hidden so I might give this another shot with some truly loose powders. Perhaps if I get enough courage i'll try putting two together!

  3. wow! That's really cool! And looks like a fantastic way to make them fresh again and appealing to use (I hate using things ones I get low -A-;)

    1. I am the same! As soon as things hit pan I start to neglect them, I feel so bad about it! I also love uniformity so I hope to compile some more one-offs and loose products together and start colour coordinating a bit more!