Me Now Long Lasting Lip Gloss (Gen 2) Review

Hey so, I have an awesome product to share and one of the best things about it is that it costs less than $2 - The Me Now Long Lasting Lip Gloss is one of the best purchases I've made lately.  I'd really not call it a lip gloss as it's definitely more of a matte lip cream or liquid lipstick, the effect isn't glossy and it's super duper long lasting, like almost completely burger-proof.

These "glosses" can be found all over Aliexpress and Ebay (I bought them from here in particular) and I chose shades 16, 18 and 22.  It does take some time to arrive because the shipping is free economy shipping so you will need to be patient.
There's also a little bit of curiosity about the safety of this product.  I patch tested this and experienced no ill effects, I then went searching to find a proper ingredients list and located this one.  I then inputted the ingredients to CosDNA here to get a bit of an evaluation on the ingredients which for most part is pretty mild (a couple of ingredients pose some mild potential irritability but honestly these are pretty widely found ingredients).   Anyway, onto the results!

This is #22 and is my absolute favourite, it tends to go a little darker and more purple after a half hour of wear which is fine by me.  I wore this to a medieval fair recently and it help up amazingly well all day, even after eating some corn on the cob quite aggressively.   Like all other matte liquid lipsticks, it does have somewhat of a drying sensation but I found it to not be overly bothering or irritating.  It applies quite evenly and very opaque with one layer.

Colour #16, the texture and consistency of these lip products were the same for all shades I bought.  Slightly drying, extremely long lasting, applies quite evenly and very opaque with one layer.  This shade lasted just as long as #22 and holds up very well vs food and drink.  I found no flaking or messiness around the outside edges.  The inner edges may require touch ups though.

Colour #18, slightly streakier when applying but otherwise very similar to the previously two which excellent longevity, opaque colour and somewhat drying.

My only beef with these is that that the applicator is very long so holding on to the little hand whilst using a long lip applicator can be a little tough and getting a precise application may require some patience.  That said, when I took these photos I didn't take the best care and I think they've mostly come out looking alright but if were to be very careful, you will have better results. 

I don't like to rate products on a number scale usually but these are just a flat 5 stars.  They're just so damn cheap and such amazing performers, I can't recommend them enough.


  1. I saw your post on reddit and since they look so amazing on you, I ordered some of those "lip glosses" as well. Quite excited to try them out :) Also thanks for checking the ingredients, it is good to know that they won't melt my lips off :D

    1. Thanks Becci :D I was definitely curious about the ingredients myself so it's good to see they're quite harmless! Apparently they're also cleared by the FDA for distribution in the US but I can't 100% confirm that, still good to know!