Review - Banila Co Shimmer Stick in Amber

I recently went on a AB shopping trip with my friend Galaxerie and, on a whim, we decided to pop into Morning Glory as they usually have a small selection of Etude House, TONYMOLY and Privia goods.

We noticed a little discount basket at the counter that had some Banila Co products inside, we were surprised since Banila Co isn't really a brand you can find much of here.  They were quite older releases but they were only $5 each, Galaxerie picked up a Blush and I nabbed this Daisy Shimmer Stick.

The full name of this Product is Banila Co Kiss Collector Shimmer Stick, the shade is Amber.  I really love the box and the lipstick packaging.  According to the information I could find online, this product aims to provide a natural looking colour whilst also being quite hydrating - so it's a bit of a creamier lip balm I believe.

More pretty pictures, because why not.  The lipstick is adorable and the actual tube itself is pretty solid and has a great mechanism so it's good for chucking in your purse without worrying that it'll break or smush everywhere!

Here's an arm swatch, it's a very lovely light peachy pink and the lipstick was very creamy and glided across my arm quite softly.  It's a bit darker compared to my skin tone in real life, it was hard to capture it quite right on my camera.

And yet despite how much I loved the package and the arm swatch, it looks TERRIBLE on my lips.  This is the best I could get it to look, the formula is probably one of the worst lip formulas I've ever come across.  The creamy yet sheer balm formula settles into EVERY line and if you have even a fleck of dry skin on your lips, it will cling to it and accentuate the heck out of it.  The shade also looked very washed out even on my skin, I cannot imagine many skin tones or lip tones being able to pull this shade off in the slightest.

I attempted to use this a few times to test it's hydrating properties but it's honestly not overly moisturising, you'd be better off with an actual tinted lip balm (Maybelline's Baby Lips or Etude House's Sugar Tint Balm) or just popping a chapstick on before your lipstick.

This was such a disappointment and I'm glad I only dropped $5 on it because it is a HUGE dunce in my opinion.  It's such a shame because I really love a lot of Banila Co's releases and their ranges always look beautiful but this Shimmer Stick is a hard pass.  The only plus is that I decided to transplant another lipstick into this Banila Co packaging, so now I have one of my favourite lipsticks inside this pretty tube.

I'm going to steal Galaxeries review criteria (with her permission of course!) just to give this product a quick rundown:

Packaging - 5/5
Appearance - 4/5
Application - 4/5
Efficacy - 0/5

Recommended - No, please just hold onto your money!


  1. Banila daisy, never again! *shakes fist*

  2. This is such a shame, the arm swatch looks like such a gorgeous colour ><

    1. It swatched so lovely and looks so pretty in the tube so I had high hopes for it! The swatch on my arm was also super creamy so it seemed ideal! It's a shame it doesn't translate well on the lips.