Korean Beauty Paradise in Adelaide

So I've been getting pretty heavy into Korean beauty products this year, in particular skin care and face masks rather than just make up products.  I'd been a bit envious of some of the stores some people have in their local cities and set out to try and find something in Adelaide.   We have a Japanese Cosmetics store called Kawaii fashion, a limited range of some Tony Moly, Etude House and a few other brands at Morning Glory but I'd read that apparently Shisi had a new range of cosmetics.

Turns out that the Morning Glory store in Charles Plaza (behind David Jones for anyone curious) had closed down and the Shisi next door moved into the big empty store and really utilised their new space.  Previously Shisi had sold very minimal beauty products and mostly stocked toys, costumes, kpop merchandise and random cute things so I was super impressed to see their new range.

Some of the brands I came across included: Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, Innisfree, Sulwhasoo, It's Skin, Too Cool For School, My Beauty Diary, Laniege, Banila Co and more.

Sheet masks were a pretty decent price, most around $2-3ea, bigger discounts for the more you buy of course.

I picked up a few random things from the shop, mostly some My Beauty Diary masks, a couple of random face masks and a foot peeling mask.  Unfortunately the samples didn't come free and you have to pay a small amount for them and there's a very limited amount so that's a bit of a bummer.

And a quick Face of the Day for my shopping trip!  It's already super cold for me here because I'm a massive wimp to chilly weather so I'm all rugged up!  I've also been taking diligent care of my skin lately (mostly with AB products) and I'm pretty pleased with the result, I'm wearing a really light CC Cream here by Pure Smile and that's all I needed to just even out my complexion.


  1. I went there today for the first time in years and noticed the change! their store looks so much bigger now and the variety of makeup they now sell is beyond impressive! I originally wanted to go there to see if they sold anything my melody but ended up finding my favourite japanese brand makeup canmake and dollywink! it is a shame they didn't have diamond lash/diamond beauty so I had to order my lashes online but I got a few items from etude house and plan to write a review on them here~ Do you happen to know of any other stores in adelaide that sell my melody or japanese brand makeup/clothing? I noticed the morning glory in the food court closed down so I went to the one on hindley street and was pleased that they stocked etude but they sadly didn't have much of a variety in terms of other brands.

    1. I believe they recently did some small renovations to the store and expanding their beauty section even more and minimised their toys and stationary which is pretty awesome! Previously they only stocked Korean brands (and a couple of random items from Taiwan and China) and yeah, they've now expanded to stock some Japanese brands too!

      I'm not too sure I've seen any My Melody products around lately but there is a shop on Gouger Street called Kawaii Fashion which has a good range of things. If you haven't been there yet, I'd recommend to check it out - they should have Diamond Lash products there as well as Dolly Wink and a lot of other brands (there's a big lashes section). It's mostly Japanese products in there with a few Korean items and MyBeautyDiary masks too but they've got a great selection. One side of the store is a $2.80 Daiso-style store, the other half of the store is all beauty products.

      The Morning Glory on Hindley street has been lacking a bit lately when it comes to beauty products, the stand in the middle doesn't have much of a variety of products sadly :(

  2. I'm actually quite wary about buying beauty products from Shisi since they sell (or used to? unsure if they still stock them now) fake anime merchandise/figurines, so I'm scared of getting any fake beauty items from them :S

    1. That's definitely a fair point and they still do sell some pretty sketchy looking anime and kpop merchandise (alongside some authentic looking kpop albums too). So far, from what I can tell, I believe most of it would be genuine since I tend to scope out a lot of the bootleg products on taobao as well and I'm pretty sure that there's certain products that just haven't been replicated yet. The range is pretty solid rather than just a few bits and pieces that look dodgy imo.

      When it comes to the MBD masks though (since I know they're a product that are so often faked), I'm still a tad unsure since I compared them with some of my real ones and there were some indicators that looked suspicious yet at the same time some notable things that matched with authentic MBD masks.

      That said, do err on the side of caution and if you're unsure, just buy online or from a shop you know you can trust. It's not a bad idea to just pop in and try some of the testers on your hand though and have a look at everything to get ideas at the very least :)