Top 10 Makeup Picks of 2014 - Part 1

Now that the new year is underway I've decided to reflect on the one that's just passed.  I was hoping to do some end-of-year wrap up posts in December so instead I'll be doing them over the course of this month.

First up is part 1 of my top 10 picks from 2014.  These are products that I've acquired through the year, many of them came out in 2014 but some are products that took me a while to jump upon.

 #1 Missha - M Perfect Cover BB Cream

This product actually came out in around 2008 and has been going fairly strong since, gaining momentum internationally.  I've tried many BB Creams over the years but nothing compares to the Missha M Perfect Cover.   Many Korean BB Creams tend to have a greyish tone however Missha's, whilst still slightly grey, is quite neutrally toned and I find that it doesn't wash out my skin like other Asian BB Creams do.  The coverage is medium but some-what buildable, long lasting and offers SPF 42.  This product so quickly became a staple for me and I've since repurchased it twice.

#2 Daiso - Blush

I'm still unsure if this has more of a name to it but I originally picked this blush up in Japan for 100yen (roughly $1) and it turned out to be the most amazing little blush.  It's well pigmented with half of the blush being matte and the other half being shimmery, giving you the option to either pick and choose depending on your look for the day or just having an equal mix of all 4 shades.

I recently visited Melbourne and popped into a Daiso there to find the blushes available and picked up two more shades for $2.80 each.  For this price they're just unbeatable and if you've got a Daiso nearby, I'd definitely recommend popping in and seeing if you can locate this product.

#3 Stila - Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner Pen

Also a much older product, this one was often raved about on forums that I frequent but I was skeptical to how good it really could be.  It couldn't be that much greater than my Bourjois liner (that I was in love with at the time) right?  Wrong!  I picked up this mini in my trip to Melbourne and Stila showed me what an ostrich I was with my head in the sand.  The Stay All Day liner kicks serious ass, it's excellently pigmented, has a good tip for easy application, comes in a massive range of colours and doesn't transfer to the top lid.  It really lives up to its name and I would love to invest in more of them when I can.

#4 Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette - Kitten Parade

This palette was originally released around 2 years ago at the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show however was only available to buy online this year.  I had been following Sugarpill like crazy, waiting for this palette to be released and jumped on it ASAP.  Kitten Parade (which is a shimmery pink-coral frosted shade) turned out to be one of my absolute favourite colours to use, not only as an eyeshadow but to highlight my blush and add shimmer to my lips too (I don't recommend this to others as I haven't yet received confirmation from SP that this is lip safe).  The other colours in this palette, whilst lovely, just aren't as unique and stunning as Kitten Parade but they're still pretty awesome.

#5 Diamond Lash - False Eyelash Glue

Hands down best Eyelash glue I've ever tried.  This guy makes applying false lashes so much easier.  When applying, it goes tacky in a few moments after coming into contact with the lash allowing for easy placement.  It then dries quite quickly and very strongly.  I've found it's longevity unmatched and lasts 8-10+ hours even in muggier environments (this glue lasted a days outing in Hong Kong during summer).  I've tried many other brands - Duo, Dolly Wink, 1000 Hour, Manicare, Ardell, Koji and more and this is the clear winner.  Because Diamond Lash is a Japanese brand, I'd recommend picking this up from either eBay or Sasa.

I had such trouble choosing just 5 so I extended my list to allow for 10!  Keep an eye out for my next post with the remaining 5 that made the list!


  1. A list otherwise known as things I need to pick up sometime- we're running low on eyelash glue here so I might have to give the diamond lash one a try!

    1. It's the best :D Of all other things, I'd definitely recommend that Daiso Blush too, that's why I stocked up when I visited, better than my Benefit blushes in my opinion (and like $48 cheaper gdi)