Revlon Balm Stain Mega Review + Swatches - Part 2!

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guys, thanks for joining me for Part 2 of my Balm Stain mega post, I hope you're looking forward to the Matte and Lacquer Balm Stains

For the longest time I kept seeing posts about the Lacquer and Matte Balm Stains online and I really pined for them!  I was on an endless quest to find a usable matte lip colour so I was so excited to find out that these ranges were being released in Australia.

Like the original Balm Stains, these retail at $17.95 each however I've already seen them go on sale at some of the major retailers here.

In regards to the application, the Lacquer balms are similar to the original formula whereas the Matte balms do have quite a different formula obviously because of the finish.  They're still gentle on the lips and hydrating but the Matte balms less so.  That said, I've found them far more hydrating than any other "matte" lip product I've used.

Demure is a lovely glossy nude which shows up a lot better than expected and is buildable.  This balm has a moister texture and reasonable wearability.  I find the lacquer balms can last around 3-4 hours before become a bit dull and needing reapplication.

Elusive was one of the first Matte balms that I had my eye on as I loved the dusty rose colour.  Sadly this balm has the least forgiving formula and I find it has a habit of bringing out any little fleck of dry or chapped lips.  Despite this, it's still relatively soft for a matte lip product and does not give off a drying sensation. I find that Elusive does need reapplication after around 2-3 hours however due to the texture mentioned above, it's best to remove any previous traces and use a lip balm first before reapplying.

Showy is a pleasant surprise for me, I usually don't go with these sorts of bold pinks but I find this is wearable and bright without being a bit too bold.  Showy has a soft texture and is very moisturising and gentle on the lips.  Because of how bold the colour is, I would recommend frequent reapplication however this wears well enough for 2-3 hours without looking dull.

I originally picked up Sultry in error, mistaking it for Elusive so this was one of the first Matte Balms I bought.  I was super pleased with this, the colour is actually a bit pinker and lighter in person and less deep.  Like Showy, it's very moisturising and gentle on the lips and I find it generally doesn't require reapplication until about 4 hours of wear.

Standout is a gorgeous matte red and I just don't think this picture does it justice.  It's beautiful and bold without being too "in your face!".  Like the other Matte Balms, it's moisturising in comparison to other matte lip products but not as much as the other balm stains.  I would recommend reapplication after around 2 hours to maintain the beautiful bold colour.

Enticing is a lovely soft Lacquer Balm which is somewhat sheer yet buildable red.  Like the other Lacquer Balms, it's quite glossy so does require semi-frequent reapplication if you're looking to maintain that lovely shiny finish.

Shameless is my absolute favourite of all.  I had my eyes on it as soon as the range was scheduled to release in Australia.  This picture definitely does NOT do it justice (this was the last one to apply so my lips were probably a bit worn out from all the reapplications).  Due to the boldness of this colour, it is a little trickier to apply neatly and is not a good choice for an on-the-go colour but rather a good statement lip.  This shade lasts pretty well for around 3 hours however it does stain the lips quite nicely so even if you were unable to touch up during the day, you'd maintain a lovely lip colour.

That wraps up my post on the Balm Stain range, sadly I don't yet have a complete collection but I hope to pick up some more that I've had an eye on, especially some of the Lacquer Balms as they're growing on me!   Keep an eye out for these in any future FOTD posts!


  1. I absolutely need Elusive and Showy in my life.

    Also your nails a fabulous ♥

    1. <3 <3 I can see you and Showy in a long-term relationship